Thursday, March 02, 2006

What's wrong with Evolution?

Well, just about everything. Evolution:
  • Goes against reason
  • Is opposed by all available eviddence (especially the fossil record)
  • Is mathematically impossible
  • Its supported by scientists who are aware evolution are aware that it is a fundamentally flawed
  • Is a political tool designed to prevent authentic science from seeking real answers
The spiritual development of humanity is being held back by evolution. My purpose here is to expose evolution for the scam that it is, from all different angles.


Erich said...

Evolution is the unifying theme of biology.

It is no lie. The only lie is creationism.

willie said...

I literally felt my braincells withering away and dieing as I read this

Gareth said...

There are so many things wrong with this post.

I'd love to explore them in greater detail, but they are clearly visible to anyone slightly educated with at least one functioning side of their brain.

And a parting note, if one doesn't wish to sound like their opinion is completely invalid, look for the little squiggly red lines under words. That's your browser, telling you you're wrong.

uselessavant said...

"What's wrong with evolution. Evolution goes against reason."

Statements like this are why we are still in the dark ages.