Sunday, December 30, 2007

Analysis of the "Theory of Evolution Made Easy"

I'm referring to this video, which is currently on the queue at reddit. This piece of evolutionist propagandais full of flawed logic. Some notes:

  1. At 39sec into the video it starts talking about "organisms changing." This is an absurdly vague term, that means nothing because organisms do change, but that's different from "evolving".
  2. At about 50sec, it continues with the vague language, claiming that opponents of evolution say that evolution can't create a new species. That's correct, but that doesn't mean that we're claiming that speciation can't occur. It has been proven that a new species can appear that has a shorter genome than its ancestor. But that evolution would go from complex to simple, the opposite of what the fossil record shows.
  3. At 2min in it starts putting skeletons of unrelated animals as if they had evolved from one creature to another. But as we know, these species did not slowly change into one another as predicted by evolution, but are suddenly replaced in the fossil record.
  4. At 3min you get more evolutionist "could have happened" BS. This "could have happened" stuff is not scientific nothing more than the fantasy of the author of the video. Then it comes with you can't watch it because it takes too long. If it can't be observed or measured why even talk about it?
  5. At 4 minutes, comes the attack of the nylon bacteria. For those that don't know about chemistry, nylon is a synthetic compound designed to mimic the fibers of the spider web, so its not surprising that the same bacterial proteins that break one down, also break the other one. Furthermore, attributing this to one mutation is absurd, and wouldn't prove the author's point. Because if a new protein was created to break nylon down, it would take thousands of mutations, each one having to overcome the problem of irreducible complexity. If breaking down nylon does not require a new protein with new information to be created, then no new information has been created.
  6. At 6 minutes it starts with crude insults. And then there are no species between a crocodile and a duck. According to evolution there would be, isn't everything supposed to have come from a unicellular organism?
  7. At about 7 to 9 minutes into the video, he begins to talk about gaps in the fossil record. He does not attend to the fact that species remain more or less the same for millions of years until today or until they disappear. The fossil record simply contradicts the existence of intermediary species.

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